About Us

hundley whaley sign_0001On the outskirts of Albany and located on second bottom river soils, this Center provides an optimum location for agronomic studies including testing and comparison of new varieties and new products.

Research also addresses improved management practices for crops, timber and bottomland soils. Ongoing research projects focus on the best management practices and economics for corn and soybeans.

The 375-acre research center, located in Gentry County, is involved in pesticide evaluations and comparisons, and sustainable agriculture concepts. 

Members of the Hundley-Whaley Research Center Planning Committee include:

Nick Barman, Maryville

Heather Benedict, Bethany

Greg Berry, Pattonsburg

Derek Brown, Albany

Bruce Burdick, Albany

David Cooper, Stanberry

Brian Cox (Chair), Bethany

Shawn Deering, Albany

Wayne Flanary, Oregon

Jim Grace, Albany

Marc Linit, Columbia

Cark Messner, Albany

Karma Metzgar, St. Joseph

Kendall Misemer, Stanberry

Richard Mullock, Parnell

John Poehlmann, Columbia

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